Extras – Score – Score Channel: Volume – Master Volume Improvement: Sometimes wrong short voice-names. Sometimes result not correct. Such notes use the same channel, value and time.

Name: psruti
Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Lizenz: Nur zur personlichen verwendung
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Inconsistence of Play, Stop, Pause and Time Slider position repaired Count in before drum intros are considered, inconsistences with batch and single access repaired. Repair midifiles, which run long time after the last note. Change volume while playing „Midifile Data“: Look at the manual: Seitenwechsel bei der Anzeige von Lyrics am Keyboard. Test by playing the drum. Bug with Batch Processing psrtui Score Channel repaired.

Die Tonart kann eingestellt werden. Dann kann kommen dazu noch Pitch Psruit und alles ist schon grosse Katastrophe. Sound of voice test in Standard Revoicing and Drums more realistic.


All special features of Yamaha XG prsuti XF are considered contrary to manufacturer independant software programs. Erstellen eines Protokollfiles der im Midifile abgelegten Akkorde und des Liedtexts. Bad filenames in psruti. Note names start as conventional with C-2 instead of C0 Minor bugs fixed: Insert from Clipboard into note area did not work Improvements: Proportional changing of Panorama and Vibrato Controller was not wise. Delete drums of drum kits Only one Master Volume event in file header Windows Look at the chapter Play of the manual.


PSRUTI – hpmusic

A new type Linefeed-Lyric added. More than 20 lyrics in one line produced a bad layout. Characters in lyrics are removed, if these are unprintable. Panorama and Vibrato Controller again inserted as in 8.

Kommentare zum PSRUTI

Extras – Score channel: Changing the source channel repaired. PSRUTI is freeware, but it is not allowed to publish the program without my permission to be downloaded from private or commercial websites.


It is possible to import chords with positions outside of beats. Some minor bugs repaired.


Quantisizing of SysEx-Chords implemented. Original key if no key could be guessed New: A bad bug with Record Lyrics repaired.

Sometimes count-in notes are inserted into the pruti measure, which is reserved for initialisation only. Die Silbentrennung kannst du weiterhin mit Ppsruti machen.


The effect will be switched off at the end of the midifile. Different tempo-events before the notes produced bad tempo. Velocity Compressor MainVolume Expression. Test of the new voice by playing a sequence. Andreas Duncker also has programmed the „Lyrics Pwruti. Exchange Main Volume with Expression in some cases. Reverb auf 0 Zitat von Heiko Beitrag anzeigen.


Geht man raus aus der Playfunktion und wieder rein passiert das nicht. Hallo Heiko, ich habe mir gerade die finale Version 8. Delete chords and lyric without export.